Why This Bird?

I’ve seen this flamingo more than once here in mid-Virginia, where you really never see any real ones, and it … More

Patio Figures

In the apartment complex where I live, the patios are at the front, like little front porches, which makes them … More

The Pond of Summer

I call it a ┬ápond, but technically, it’s a “stormwater reclamation project.” It sits adjacent to several fairly high density … More

More About Bicycles

What better way to pick rosebuds while you can, than to fly like the wind on a bicycle? Or just … More


  This angel appeared on a neighbor’s patio one day. I admired her (I’m pretty sure it’s a female angel) … More

A Dog’s Life

  It’s not dog days yet (which really has no relevance to dogs) so I don’t have a fully ostensible … More