Where We All Came From?

Speaking of gatheringjuliet-garden-for-net rosebuds, there’s nothing like a garden. The one is the picture here is not my garden (I lack the talent), but I get to visit it a lot. It doesn’t have actual roses in it currently, but there’s plenty of life to be gathered, if only with the eye.

The thing about gardens is they are at one and the same time, nature encouraged and nature controlled. Some people let their gardens get more out of control than others. But what a sad site — to see a garden left to run completely out of control. Nature continues to thrive, but it’s not the samples we desire. It’s weeds. Well, we call them weeds. Some gardens can be very small, maybe a single kind of roses-on-the-wallflower. Yeah, roses here.Some, in their insistence on thriving, show what human endeavor can be. It also helps, as the young woman who planted this last garden toldnext-door me, to have a boy friend to construct the planters.



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