More Welcomes

Some houses just look welcoming.


On a recent trip to another state, I got to thinking about this and took a little walk to see what welcomes I could spy.


In the suburbs, doorways seem to be a specialty. But other thing attract too.


Maybe I wasn’t welcome to use this equipment, but it certainly looked inviting. As did this:


And some places are just attractive.


Others let you know if you’re somebody they would welcome:


But others are more oblique. This was my favorite. I don’t know what it means, but it sure feels welcoming. rotterdam-four



From Wikipedia Commons
From Wikipedia Commons

The welcome mat above resembles one I used to have outside my door, but this post is not about welcome mats. Rather it’s about some other ways that people make other people feel free to knock on their doors, or at least, look at them.


The rest of the photos in this post were all taken in my neighborhood, on a sultry summer day. welcome-four

I like this one, because it seems so inviting. I’ve always been a fan of Victorian photography, especially those pictures everybody rushed out to take because, well, they could (which I suppose is what we still do). They have a way of looking quaint, sometimes exotic, but really, they were just what was all around.


The emblems of everyday living.welcome-three

I especially liked the gnome, lurking in the far left corner.


And I very much admire both the topiary and the planters here.

welcome-sixBut this is my favorite. What is more welcoming than happiness? May all our days be filled with grand announcements!

One September


It’s National Chicken Boy Day today! Never mind. You can look it up. Also National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day. Seriously? The words which are claimed to be not able to be rhymed are: orange (everybody knows that one, right?), month, silver, spirit, chimney, purple, and woman. Woman? Immediately I found myself wanting to rhyme with yeoman, but, sigh. That’s how I am. When I see those words I want to make up rhymes for them. You know: sporrage, somth, cliver, chitteny, slurple and oh, well. Yes, kidding. Sort of.


Monday, the day I was supposed to update this (too tired from traveling, too busy catching up) was National Toasted Marshmallow Day. Which for some reason, these clouds make me think of. You know …


the really burnt kind. These are late August clouds and not at all the harbingers of storm they might look like.

clouds-3Especially this one, which was what made me grab my camera.


I was ready to say “Saw it coming!” But it was going somewhere else.


There’s a moral in there someplace, like, “Don’t always think it’s going to rain,” but never mind. There’s always rain coming somewhere. 

And these guys like it. Happy National First Day of September.