Happy Halloween

I’ve been away from here for lots of reasons. In the meantime they’ve changed the format on me. I’m going to try and publish this anyway. This picture is from a couple years ago, before the pandemic, when children actually went from door to door. Last two years, nobody. i’m waiting to see if we get any wonderful strangeness this year.


The Way Time Moves


I took this picture in a little scrap lot of trees, just down the road from where i live. The time was early afternoon in late Fall. Those little dots of almost red are probably macerated leaves. What attracted me to the scene was the way the light is playing though the density of scrub,

I like this picture now because i think the bend in that foreground tree looks like a knee. As if this older tree is saying to these young, straight shoots, Move over! Outta my way!  But, looking closer, I’ve found something else. See that little, round, white stone, lower left, all by itself, parked next to another of the tall straight trees? It seems to be saying,  La, la, la, don’t notice me. Think I’ll just sit here for a while. That’s how things are beginning to feel in this pandemic.

Hope everybody is still safe and not having too much trouble, keeping a low profile.

We’re Not There Yet

photo taken by me in the backyard of the home of poet and artist, Judy Longley, when she still lived in Charlottesville

I’m pretty sure this is some garden accessory store’s version of David by Michelangelo. In photos I’ve seen of the original, he looks happier, but this shot seems appropriate to the times we’re currently living in. I see, in this picture, not the grace and beauty of youth, but a somewhat more solemn perspective. He’s a little weathered too. Aren’t we all? Well, I am.

I don’t know why I think the picture below fits the mood too. This was taken at Barrack’s Road Shopping Center in Charlottesville. To my eye, at this time, it looks like a figure of loneliness. We aren’t all standing in so much isolation, but no matter how relative your isolation, it’s still a matter of waiting…

mannequin in a store window, Charlottesville

We are Proud of Our Senior

The above picture is of somebody’s graduation party — or the setting for it, anyway. Found on one of my walks.  I can only imagine how it must feel to be embarking into the “real world” (at least that’s what we thought we were doing when I graduated from high school, all those thousands of years ago…) in these days. Congratulations, grads! I And here’s a message that appeared on the sidewalk one afternoon. The original said, “We are all in this together.” A brave sentiment. Would that it were more than technically true…


Those Other Folks

They live behind glass, but who knows what they’re up to?

This looks like a meeting to me. Or maybe they’re just watching…

In the way that mannequins who have no face often do, these models look somewhat appalled. Scandalized maybe. Who knows what they’ve been seeing.