On August Twenty-second

on this day onemagesa lot of terrible things happened and some good ones too, depending on your viewpoint. For example, in 1485, King Richard III of England lost the War of the Roses, perhaps for the want of a shoe. That was good news for the other side, of course. In 1567, the Duke of Alba, who, I guess, everybody would agree was a pretty terrible person, established the “Council of Blood” in order to facilitate a reign of

The Duke of Alba
The Duke of Alba

terror in the Netherlands.  August 22 was quiet again for a few years until the English claimed Australia when Captain James Cook landed there in 1770. That was a just five years before King George had to proclaim, on August 22, 1777, that the American colonies were in open rebellion. Well, claim some, lose some.

In 1762, Ann Franklin became the editor of the Mercury, a

Ann Franklin
Ann Franklin

newspaper in Newport, Rhode Island. Striking a blow for women everywhere, as it were, she was the first female editor of an American newspaper. She didn’t exactly come up through the ranks though. Rather, she inherited the job from her husband — but perhaps she had been doing it all along. Yes,  she was related to Ben Franklin.

In 1902, Theodore Roosevelt took note of technological progress and campaigned in a motor car, the first time ever. That must have been something to see and it did get photographed..

Theodore Roosevelt Campaigning 1902
Theodore Roosevelt Campaigning 1902

In 1906, the Victor Talking Machine Company of Camden, N. J. began manufacturing the hand-cranked Victrola with horn. The one-room school I went to as a child had one of those, probably not one of the earlier models — but you never know. I wish I had a picture of it. It was always a great honor to be the child selected to turn the crank. Meanwhile, the rest of the U.S. already had electrical phonograph machines. We were not to know that. Or maybe we did.

The U. S. annexed New Mexico  on August 22 in 1846. We have to think of that as good news. On this same day in 1910, the Japanese annexed Korea, but with less future luck.  Somebody stole the Mona Lisa in 1911, but it reappeared two years later.

Althea Gibson
Althea Gibson

What a day! In 1932 the BBC began broadcasting. On this day in 1942, Hitler invaded Leningrad. In 1950 Althea Gibson became the first black tennis player to be accepted into national competition. 1950? she said. Oh yeah. In 1972 Rhodesia was asked to withdraw from the 20th Olympic Games because of racism not steroids. Henry Kissinger, who won the Nobel peace Prize (though not on August 22 ) was named Secretary of State by Richard Nixon. The last Volkswagen Rabbit was produced in 1984. I had a used Volkswagen Rabbit from 1973  to  about 1976, a wonderful car that rusted all around me till I had to give up on it, but that was not in August. No picture either, alas.

Karen Silkwood  won her case in 1986. Howard Stern began broadcasting on CBS in 1998 and in 2004 somebody stole “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. How busy the world is! Meanwhile, some of us are still on vacation.


But summer is winding down.


Hope it’s still blooming for you.

Close Study


Every so often, Jean Sampson, painter and teacher (& poet too) sets up a still-life for her class at the McGuffey Art Center. And every so often, I get to photograph it.


They intrigue me, these set-ups, designed to give every student in the room something to focus on. I walk around and take them from different angles.


How I wish I could draw or paint these wonderful confections. They have a still and calm demeanor, which tells me they must be sure of their attraction.


How could they not be? They have been designed to be loved by the eye.


I hope yours has liked seeing them too. Here by the way, is a little snapshot of the painter herself.

jean sampson

August Dark

pen-park-twoToday is Narional Frozen Custard Day. Never mind. Frozen custard has gone out of my life. I miss it, but I don’t. There’s a brief synopsis of what maturity means. Or resignation. Oh well.

This post is about August, its resignations and its wonders — and about the fact that it’s starting to get dark earlier. Have you noticed that? Not a big dark, not the dark of winter, nor even the dark of October. Just darker, sooner.


There’s still time to be outdoors, picnics to go to, friends to see in the bright light of summer. If it doesn’t rain. Having grown up in the Catskills, I was amazed when I found out the rest of the Northern Hemisphere tends to vacation in August. In the Catskills it tends to rain a lot in August. Here in Virginia, it’s wetter too, but maybe not so much.


The picture above represents somebody’s fun from this past Sunday in a park near Charlottesville.  There were some wonderful trees as well.


All in fine fettle.  A landscape rich in the dark and vibrant greens that August provides for us.


A time to enjoy, not yet to mourn. And oh yes, don’t forget your hat.


August One is National Girlfriends Day

national gals day

Also, Narional Raspberry Day, also an attractive subject. Oh well. The girls have it. I’ll not subject any of my human friends. The lovely photo above is courtesy Google Image. and thank you. They do remind me of high school or something. Here are some other girls.


I’m not sure these are all girls. With geese, who can tell.They certainly are friends.


Ditto these two, spotted on a cold and lonely December evening, keeping each other warm with best regards…


These girls may be headless, but they stand together (sorry)


And these two were real. Not my friends, but I enjoyed seeing them.


This is an old girlfriend, looking cute — as was her wont.


And this friend (Calliope, I think) who graces the lobby of a hospital I’ve been to many times.Well, that’s how friendship is some times. Some people just grow on  you. Also, there’s her smile…


national girlfriends day

Yeah. That too.