We’re Not There Yet

photo taken by me in the backyard of the home of poet and artist, Judy Longley, when she still lived in Charlottesville

I’m pretty sure this is some garden accessory store’s version of David by Michelangelo. In photos I’ve seen of the original, he looks happier, but this shot seems appropriate to the times we’re currently living in. I see, in this picture, not the grace and beauty of youth, but a somewhat more solemn perspective. He’s a little weathered too. Aren’t we all? Well, I am.

I don’t know why I think the picture below fits the mood too. This was taken at Barrack’s Road Shopping Center in Charlottesville. To my eye, at this time, it looks like a figure of loneliness. We aren’t all standing in so much isolation, but no matter how relative your isolation, it’s still a matter of waiting…

mannequin in a store window, Charlottesville
We are Proud of Our Senior

The above picture is of somebody’s graduation party — or the setting for it, anyway. Found on one of my walks.  I can only imagine how it must feel to be embarking into the “real world” (at least that’s what we thought we were doing when I graduated from high school, all those thousands of years ago…) in these days. Congratulations, grads! I And here’s a message that appeared on the sidewalk one afternoon. The original said, “We are all in this together.” A brave sentiment. Would that it were more than technically true…


Those Other Folks

They live behind glass, but who knows what they’re up to?

This looks like a meeting to me. Or maybe they’re just watching…

In the way that mannequins who have no face often do, these models look somewhat appalled. Scandalized maybe. Who knows what they’ve been seeing.

A Picture Called “Fate”

I’ve been sorting old pictures. This is one from long ago. The bride — yes I have numerous pictures of her and the groom, eating cake, being toasted, smiling into each other’s eyes. I have no idea how it all came out, but here’s a little reminder, left on one of the tables at the reception…

In the next few weeks, I’ll be trying to get back to this. A look at this semi-distant past seemed appropriate.

More Welcomes

Some houses just look welcoming.


On a recent trip to another state, I got to thinking about this and took a little walk to see what welcomes I could spy.


In the suburbs, doorways seem to be a specialty. But other thing attract too.


Maybe I wasn’t welcome to use this equipment, but it certainly looked inviting. As did this:


And some places are just attractive.


Others let you know if you’re somebody they would welcome:


But others are more oblique. This was my favorite. I don’t know what it means, but it sure feels welcoming. rotterdam-four