This angel appeared on a neighbor’s patio one day. I admired her (I’m pretty sure it’s a female angel) and hastened to take pictures of her. Then one day, I came across her standing a little to one side  instead of at the side of the front door, as she had been.


The next time I went by, she was gone. I have no idea where. It’s curious how these apparitions come and go. Just because I don’t imagine them myself, doesn’t mean I don’t think they exist. Hey, my camera thinks they exist.



These are angels too, I think, though it’s less clear. In Victorian literature they would certainly have been called so. They are still in residence in the neighborhood. At least they were yesterday. You never know.



This cherubim lives in a friend’s garden. He (pretty sure it’s a he) seems to me lonely. Or maybe he’s just feeling sympathy for the world. Or maybe he’s just been rained on once too often.

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