The Way Time Moves


I took this picture in a little scrap lot of trees, just down the road from where i live. The time was early afternoon in late Fall. Those little dots of almost red are probably macerated leaves. What attracted me to the scene was the way the light is playing though the density of scrub,

I like this picture now because i think the bend in that foreground tree looks like a knee. As if this older tree is saying to these young, straight shoots, Move over! Outta my way!  But, looking closer, I’ve found something else. See that little, round, white stone, lower left, all by itself, parked next to another of the tall straight trees? It seems to be saying,  La, la, la, don’t notice me. Think I’ll just sit here for a while. That’s how things are beginning to feel in this pandemic.

Hope everybody is still safe and not having too much trouble, keeping a low profile.