We’re Not There Yet

photo taken by me in the backyard of the home of poet and artist, Judy Longley, when she still lived in Charlottesville

I’m pretty sure this is some garden accessory store’s version of David by Michelangelo. In photos I’ve seen of the original, he looks happier, but this shot seems appropriate to the times we’re currently living in. I see, in this picture, not the grace and beauty of youth, but a somewhat more solemn perspective. He’s a little weathered too. Aren’t we all? Well, I am.

I don’t know why I think the picture below fits the mood too. This was taken at Barrack’s Road Shopping Center in Charlottesville. To my eye, at this time, it looks like a figure of loneliness. We aren’t all standing in so much isolation, but no matter how relative your isolation, it’s still a matter of waiting…

mannequin in a store window, Charlottesville