A Response in Cats

  Inesphoto, a blog I follow, had some wonderful cats today and, in a modest response, I thought I would … More

Bikes in Training

Everything evolves, but especially the bicycle. It just keeps getting better and better, till it’s almost grown-up. But some pleasures … More


It’s a concept that’s disappearing in some parts of the world, but Charlottesville still has one. The parking is difficult, … More

We Don’t Go It Alone

Even hermits in their fastness depend on somebody for food. If it’s not a person delivering food, it’s a person … More

Spot the Photographer

Like most photographers, I try to stay out of the picture — at least, when it’s by accident. Sometimes it … More

It’s Not Over Yet

Summer, that is — here in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway. The days are still warm, the nights comfortable. Unless it’s … More


Oh, just thinking about fall being nearly upon us here and therefore, winter soon. Maybe it’s because I have a … More