Who I Am and What I’m Doing


Who I am today — not just for today, but with any luck, for the next couple weeks — is somebody who is doing Blogging 101, a challenge for the new year. Who I am — today and for the recent past and the desirable future (isn’t a future always desirable?) is an old dog learning some  new tricks. Who I have been — for a long time — is an aspiring, but very amateur photographer. What I hope to do — for the next couple weeks, and maybe the next year — is get back in the habit of posting here, mostly photographs…


At top, a picture from Lake Worth in Florida. At bottom, the Amtrak Station in Yonkers, New York.

One thought on “Who I Am and What I’m Doing

  1. Hi! Would be grand if you linked your profile picture to this page. It took me a year to finally find your blog through Google. Don’t think anyone else will make such an effort 🙂 You always ‘liked’ my posts, and I felt bad because I never paid a visit – your profile picture is linked to an abandoned page. I m sure that there are hundreds of bloggers who cannot reach your page, and feel the same as I.

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