Learning From More Than Books

school-garden-signThe children whose school garden this is have been learning something more than reading and writing. Yesterday, thanks to a friend, I was able to visit and see school-garden-pumpkinwhat they’ve been growing in a beautiful garden, which is now somewhat past its prime, but still producing

squash-hidingfood and other beautiful things

school-garden-flowersas well as lessons. The plant below, I’m informed, is okra

okraand this next is a pumpkin blossom. This garden obviously wants to keep on going.

pumpkin-blossomAfter that pleasant visit, I went on over to Whole Foods for some provisioning of my own and found that they were into the school garden spirit too.

whole-foods-garden-icon-thrand had some lovely produce of their own to display.


I was glad for all of it, and for these flowers too.


2 thoughts on “Learning From More Than Books

  1. Fall is bursting out all over! I visit the garden often, walking my border collie.
    Today a group of service volunteers were tidying up the garden.
    When I told them about the photographs you’d taken, they invited
    you back to take more pictures inside the deer-fenced enclosure.
    A personal invitation from the head of the school board, a strong
    advocate of school gardens. It was lovely seeing it through your
    photographs. Thanks!

    Judy Longley

  2. On one of my long walks this summer, I happened upon a school garden that was quite impressive! School was not in session, but the garden was producing raspberries! I wanted some so badly but, I would not “steal” from children even though I knew that the berries would likely be eaten by birds, not by kids! On other walks, I have passed by other gardens where raspberries were there for the picking——and I DID! 🙂 But never from children! 🙂

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