More Icons

IMG_0038_edited-1They live among us, these figures of belief. This one I found outside an apartment where I was living. I don’t doubt that the person who put it there meant to remind us, in some way or other, of the great saint who loved all living things. And the figure below, from a Buddhist garden is also, I’m sure, meant to bring to mind something more than ornamentation.dali-lama-outdoor-buddha

Then there’s a more ambiguous category. Like this Buddha from a friend’s garden. It expresses, maybe not belief, but certainly, solidarity.

buddha in jules gardenSome things are more ambiguous still. I’m not sure what to make of this fellow below. But that’s just my ignorance. Perhaps somebody knows.

IMG_1257---CopyAbout these last, maybe it’s anybody’s guess. Anyway, there were for sale.


3 thoughts on “More Icons

  1. Hi, second pic from bottom looks like a ‘Shi’; which is a a Chinese guardian lion, they usually come in pairs; and for some odd reason ‘westerners’ often call them fu or foo dogs 🙂

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