Susan Shafarzek is a poet, editor and (very) amateur photographer. She is currently essay/memoir editor for Streetlight Magazine, an online magazine in Charlottesville, Va.

In the past she has been a college admissions advisor, sometimes a critic, often an essayist, and always trying to be a poet. This blog is an attempt, in its own somewhat skewed way, to do what might be implied by the phrase “gather rosebuds.” It began as a blog in Streetlight Magazine, partly as a recognition that my own impulse is to gather a few more rosebuds before my time is up. Can old dogs learn new tricks? They better. (Or not.) Technology is always (and I do mean always, think of the cross-bow) making it difficult to keep up. Not just with our enemies, but with our possible friends. Especially friends in the Friends sense of things. Thus, this blog is as much a learning experience as a portfolio. If anyone is actually reading it, or just looking in, welcome. I don’t know what’s coming next myself.


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